Medicum offers its services on behalf of Sponsoring Clients in which our services are paid for and underwritten by the client, OR on an individual assignment basis in which patients can hire Medicum to assist with an access issue (ex. denied access eligibility by your health insurer or a provincial health body), related to treatment prescribed by your doctor. This may include various conditions such as cancer, diabetes, neurological, hormonal and more. Call us Toll-Free to inquire as to what services we can offer you.

Special Featured Program:

RILUTEK ® (riluzole)
Reimbursement Access &
Co-Pay Assistance Programs




















If someone you know has been prescribed RILUTEK® and they are unsure as to whether the Provincial Formulary or their Private Insurance provider will cover RILUTEK, or they are unsure if they can fully fund their prescribed treatment and may need help, please contact the RILUTEK Reimbursement Access, Co-Pay Assistance and Free Home Delivery Program.

Medicum’s Reimbursement Specialists will assist enrollees by:

  • Researching and advocating for all medical and pharmacy benefits to maximize the patient’s likelihood for benefit coverage eligibility.
  • Processing completed patient applications for Co-Pay Assistance eligibility.
  • Communicating results of the application process to the treating physician, clinic and patient.
  • Patients with 3rd Party Drug Benefit Eligibility could qualify for
    Free Home Delivery of RILUTEK.

The RILUTEK Reimbursement Access & Co-Pay Assistance Program also provides access to RILUTEK for under-insured or uninsured patients without the financial resources to pay for the product. Qualifying patients who meet the eligibility criteria can receive RILUTEK at no charge and continue their treatment without interruption. This program:

  • Has helped to cover the cost of Rilutek for many eligible patients.
  • Is sponsored by sanofi-aventis Canada and is administered by Medicum.
  • Eligibility is determined solely by medical and financial criteria.
    All eligibility decisions are made by sanofi-aventis Canada.

How long will I wait to find out the answer?

The typical turnaround time for an enrollment application is between 48 to 72 hours. The product is then either picked up by the patient at their nearest retail pharmacy or can be sent directly with Free Home Delivery via a Specialty Pharmacy to the patient’s home.
The shipping time could be between 24 to 48 hours.

Print a blank enrollment form for this program.

For more information, contact the RILUTEK Reimbursement Access & Co-Pay Assistance Program Hotline at 1-866-474-5883 (Monday–Friday, 9AM–5PM EST)
Fax: 1-877-787-3376 (Toll-Free)

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