This program is intended for patients taking Synacthen® Depot

Knowledgeable Benefit Access Coordinators will assist you in accessing your private insurance or public health benefits that you or your dependents are entitled to.

The program will help you with;
• Reimbursement access assistance with all payer options.

• Payer support advocacy for all provincial formulary programs or private health insurance options to which you may be entitled.

• Co-pay funding assistance when you need help funding any co-payment requirements associated to your private drug plan.

• Provincial deductible funding assistance if associated with your public health plan.

This program is free to all enrolled patients that qualify and is fully confidential.

Complete the program enrollment form provided by your attending physician or print a blank enrollment form below and fax to 1-877-787-3376 (toll free)

Enrollment Form Synacthen Info Sheet

Or mail to;
The Synacthen Depot Patient Support Program
1965 Ste Angélique #210,
St. Lazare, Quebec
J7T 0E2

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The Synacthen® patient support program is supported by Valeo Pharma Inc and administered by Medicum.
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